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Clinics - Gail Ivey has traveled extensively throughout Europe, Scandinavia, and Australia, as well as the United States from California to Maine, teaching horsemanship clinics. Formats are flexible and arranged to suit the needs of the participants. Clinics can be small groups, with exercises and games that build upon each other, while allowing for individual attention, or more loosely structured to adapt to each participant's unique goal. Clinics can also be a series of one-on-one private lessons.

Clinics or lessons include ground work, riding skills, problem solving, massage techniques, recognizing lameness, saddle fitting, trailer loading, round pen skills, driving skills, and foundation skills for all riding styles and disciplines from dressage to trail riding to cow work and all levels from the greenest of the green to the top competitor.

Private clinics for instructors and trainers are also available.

For more information, contact Gail.

Lessons - Gail conducts lessons in a one-on-one private hour or longer, according to the needs of the horse and rider. Because there is no one method that works for every horse or every person, all lessons are completely individualized and tailored to accomplish the unique goal for that day. Developing softness and straightness in both the rider and horse is the basic thing that continues throughout the entire lesson, as well as having fun with games and exercises that improve both skill and understanding.For more information, contact Gail.

Consultations - Gail can assist you in assessing a potential purchase or the suitability of your current horse to achieve your goals. For more information, contact Gail.

Body Work - Gail can help you recognize signs of pain and discomfort in your horse and treat or provide you with steps to treat the horse because keeping your horse comfortable is necessary for achieving your goals. Body work sessions include saddle fit evaluation, possible dental problems, or foot care needs. For more information, contact Gail.

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